Apparently, These Are Some Benefits of Menonotn Film for Health

For those of you who like watching movies, you will be happy with the storyline and the various actors who play in the film. especially if the film can enter the film festival. One of the most popular film festivals is the Ventura Film Festival. With the entry of a film into a film festival, the film clearly has good and amazing quality.

Ternytaa, watching movies also has several benefits that are good for health, such as

1. Increases brain activity
A study says that when a woman watches a horror movie, her neural transmitter brain will release dopamine, glutamate, and serotonin. These hormones are useful for improving brain performance and activity.

2. Able to deal with stress
When watching horror movies, our brains will release stress hormones and replace them with the hormone endorphin. This hormone has a function to make our emotional state more stable and happy. The endorphin hormone has a role as a pain reliever and makes stress and anxiety quickly fall.