Famous for Thai tea, Apparently Thailand Has Other Interesting Drinks

When on vacation, the most often done by many people is the variety of culinary there. This is certainly a real thing because food and beverages in one country are clearly different from other countries. One of the tourist destinations that is currently being visited is Thailand. There, you don’t even need to be confused with the transportation that you can use because there is a Car Rental Thailand.

Thailand is indeed known as Thai tea which is currently even worldwide. But it turns out that besides these drinks, there are several other types of drinks that you should try while in Thailand.

– Oliang
Oliang or Thai coffee has been more popular than mango juice which is currently also increasingly circulating in several countries other than Thailand.
Oliang is a beverage that combines coffee and grains such as cardamom, corn, soybeans, rice, and sesame seeds. If you like the sweeter ones there are also oliang which are given additional milk or better known as oliang yok lor.

– Nom yen
Nom Yen is a Thai drink made from salak syrup and milk served with ice cubes. In Thailand, the bark syrup is pink to the yen nom, which is presented in a charming pink color.

– Nam mano
This fresh drink is made from a mixture of lime, sugar and a little salt. So don’t be surprised if the taste of nam manao is sour with a hint of savory taste. This drink can certainly eliminate your thirst after being tired of traveling around Thailand where the weather is quite hot.

– Nam dock anchan
Nam dock anchan is a blue drink made from telang flower petals brewed like tea. Sometimes this drink is added with lemon or lime juice which will change the blue color to purplish. Besides being famous for its freshness, this drink is also known for its many health benefits.