Tips on Buying a Quality RC Car to Avoid Scams

To anticipate that the car that has been purchased does not go into a pile of damaged goods, you can learn the following tips. So that later you can be a little more careful so that the rc toys are durable and long lasting.


Determine Budget Before Buying

Before deciding to make cars that operate using the remote as a hobby, you’ll already have an idea of how the budget should be spent. The average price of RC Hobby Grade is above one million because it uses more sophisticated technology from the RC Toys class. Can be seen in terms of resources that clearly differ greatly between the two classes.

RC hobby class uses Proportional (Propo) technology; when you press the slow throttle the speed of the car will also slow down. The more throttle is pressed, the car will accelerate faster and enter at full acceleration. This happens because of the transmission of 2 or 3 in the hobby class.

Different if the RC toy class is still using QD (Quick Drive) technology. When you press the drive slowly or hard, it will not affect the speed of the car. Speed has entered full acceleration at the beginning of the lay, without transmission and can no longer slow down.

Adjust to your own character

So that the car purchased is not in vain because it cannot be played, then choose according to your own character and preferences. If you like adventure, you can search for cars with drift car types. In contrast, if a big car like the type that can be used in any field, it can choose the type of truggy car or truck that has a great body.

However, if you are a typical car enthusiast, then street cars can be an option. It’s different if you are a true collector who doesn’t mind the price. So, unique cars like replicas of Ferrari, BMW, and Lambhorgini racing cars will be an option. Besides being unique, it is also of high selling value.