Pay attention to these if you’ve caught diarrhea

Diarrhea is one of the most annoying diseases out there. It isn’t just bad for your intestine, but it’s also wasting your time and energy as well, especially if you have to visit the toilet very frequently. That’s why you definitely need to know things that you may do to have an easier time dealing with this sickness, so you get the better chance with the cara mengatasi diare.

Don’t trust a fart easily

If you really don’t want to get surprised and wet yourself due to this disease, then there is one thing you must notice. During the sick time, don’t let out your fart easily. It’s because this sickness makes it hard for you to feel the difference between the gas or feces that will actually get out from your lower part. Furthermore, the liquefied feces can be harder to hold back, and the risk of getting your pants wet can be higher.

Try to drink the mixture of sugar and salt

This can also improve the condition of your intestine, all the while giving electrolyte that your body needs, due to a lot of them have been discarded when you’ve got to to the toilet.