Tips for getting a job from an HRD staff

Based on my experience as a recruiter, I found many interesting things. Especially if I receive a CV or application from fresh graduates. Apparently, many colleagues do not understand how to apply for a job well. Therefore, I want to share tips related to applying for work. Hopefully useful for friends, especially fresh graduates. Meanwhile, visit if you want to get a job in the UK.

Check the work location and access to it.

Before sending a CV, it’s good to know the location of the workplace. Where is the location, how to access there, and how long does it take to get to that location. I once got a candidate who resigned from the interview process because the location was far from his home.

Well, instead of already being processed, but in fact, we resigned because of location reasons too far, we better consider the distance and travel time before we enter the application into the company.

Check where we can send a CV and job application.

You should find out where you can send your job application. Usually, you can send applications to career portals, recruiter (direct apply) e-mails, or the destination company site.