This is the History of Spooky Costumes Commonly Used at Halloween

Halloween is certainly synonymous with everything that is creepy and mystical. So, many people are looking for scary costumes and masks when Halloween arrives. Usually, they will also look for halloween masky to add a scary impression on the Halloween day.

Things that must be in other Halloween celebrations are creepy costumes like monsters, zombies, or creepy characters in a classic fairy tale. However, nowadays, the creepy costumes used on Halloween are more in line with the times, where many are using scary characters in horror films. The reason, according to the contents of the book Halloween and American Holiday an American History in Europe in the Middle Ages, Catholic religious leaders adopted the habits of infidels. The infidels here mean Satanic devotees who do not believe in God or religion. These leaders told their followers to go to neighboring houses wearing creepy costumes to ask for gifts. This contrasts with the habits of Christians in ancient times who asked for housing in return for praying for the dead.