Tips for Using Facebook Safely

Social networks are increasingly widespread in the community, especially in urban communities. The extent of the use of social networks must be accompanied by the security of user data. Facebook, one of the largest social networks in the world, reminds 1.35 billion active monthly users how to control the social network. If you need auto liker services for your Facebook, visit our website to see the recommendations.

– Know with Who’s Sharing

Before posting something, users can adjust the audience for each post by clicking on the button next to the “post” button and choosing who can see the user’s posts.

– Privacy Check-Up

Facebook also provides features to find out who can see posts, what applications users use and have access to personal information about users, including users’ birthdays. The trick is, the user just needs to go to the top of the Facebook page, then a lock picture will be found then select Privacy Check-Up which has a blue dinosaur image. Then click the padlock image on Privacy Check-Up, then the dinosaur will guide the user.

– Security feature

The security feature owned by Facebook allows users to find out who is trying to login to a user account. This feature helps maintain user data by going to security settings then selecting login alerts and checking whether users want to be notified of activities via Facebook, text or email notifications. Then save the changes.

– Take Control

Users have the right to withdraw themselves from photos or stories. Users can also block anyone who isn’t liked on Facebook. The trick is to go to the person’s page then click the “…” button and select “block”.

– Update status

Pay attention to Status Posts on the user’s Facebook page. Because Facebook has implemented the removal of hoax news contained on its site. So, it is possible if there is false news present on the page, it will delete directly even though first reporting it to the person concerned.