Umrah is Short, But You Still Have to Maintain Health

Umrah services are increasingly in demand year by year. Various types of Umrah packages 2018 are offered when they learn that Muslims are increasing and want to feel worship before Hajj. Hajj does have a quota in each country. Countries that have very many Islamic communities are usually waiting for a longer allocation. This is what makes umrah tours offer religious tourism.

There were not one pilgrim or umrah who wanted pain during worship. But the risk of getting sick is certainly a risk from those who perform worship in the Holy Land. Various causes, differences in climate, weather, environment, and fatigue will certainly have a major impact on the body’s endurance. For prospective Umrah pilgrims, there are some tips for maintaining health during Umrah worship:

– Always Use Masks
Umrah pilgrims generally suffer from respiratory tract infections after returning from the holy land. This respiratory tract infection is actually not a dangerous disease if it is treated properly and immediately. Symptoms that mark the onset of respiratory tract infections begin with sneezing, coughing, and fever. Masks will also inhibit the spread of the virus from your body to other worshipers.

– Routine Handwashing
Hands are one place for viruses and bacteria. Routine hand washing is one form of prevention of viruses and dirt entering our bodies. If there is an opportunity to go to the toilet, take ablution or just clean your hands. Toilet facilities at the hotel near the mosque and mosques – many mosques in the holy land that provide liquid soap hand sanitizer.

– Increase Drinking Water and Zam – Zam Water
The low level of humidity in the holy city of Mecca and Medina may not be suitable for your country which can cause our bodies to lose fluid quickly. So that it causes umrah pilgrims and pilgrims who are in the two holy cities to be easily exposed to dehydration.